• Halal Chicken Franks 340g (Supreme)

    Sold By: SilkRoad Market

    Name: Frozen chicken sausage (Wiener)
    Ingredients: Chicken, wheat starch, flour, salt, edible sunflower oil, spices / emulsifiers, liquid smoke, seasonings (amino acids), antioxidants (VC), preservatives (Na nitrite) )
    Contents: 340g
    Expiration date: 2022.2.28
    Preservation method: Please store at -18 ℃ or below
    Country of origin: France

    * Products containing wheat, milk and soybeans are manufactured at this product manufacturing plant.

    facts label Energy 195kcal
    11.0g Lipid 14.8g
    Carbohydrate 4.0g
    Salt equivalent 1.8g Allergens

    : Wheat / Chicken
    Genetic recombination: None


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