• Sagai Dates 400g

    Sold By: SilkRoad Market

    Sagai Dates are crispy, very sweet dates imported directly fresh from region in Saudi Arabia directly to our customers around the glob. SUKKARI Dates are highly demanded by our customers due to its taste, freshness, and reasonable price. Dates are important foods for human health, nutritious, and energy. The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80%; the remainder consists of protein, fiber, and trace elements including boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese.

  • Sukkari Saudia Dates 400g

    Sold By: SilkRoad Market

    Plump, Succulent Golden Sukkari Dates
    Moist, large dates.
    A high fibre, high energy snack.
    Suitable for snacking and baking.
    Unprocessed, no additives whatsoever.
    Smooth texture, moist and very moreish!
    These dates include the stone!
    Sukkari Dates are beautiful, soft, golden dates that are just emerging in the UK market. They are larger than Deglet Nour dates, with all the softness and caramel-like flavour of Medjools! We found these dates to be incredibly moreish! Sukkari dates are characteristically very sweet, and they are more succulent than standard dates.

  • Sukkari Rutab Saudia Dates 500g

    Sold By: SilkRoad Market

    Sukkari Rutab

    Sukkari Rutab IS cultivated in Al-Qassim. The Texture Is extremely soft. Can be Melted in The Mouth. The size of The Sukkari Rutab Is Medium and The Color BETWEEN Light Brown to A Little ‘bit Dark Brown. Sukkari Rutab has Refreshing & Pleasant Taste

    Rutab means that the dates are very soft.


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