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FamiMus is a leading professional Online Ecommerce website, providing a diverse and rich Halal food source for Muslim consumers living, studying and working in Japan. Website developed and managed by Hilal Japan LLC. FamiMus is combined by the first letters of “Family + Muslims” to serve all Halal services and products for Muslim Families. Besides the primary goal of providing healthy, clear origin, high quality Halal food to protect the Halal eating of Muslim consumers, FamiMus together with its partners always uphold the value of Healthy (Tayyib) and Halal eating in Japan.

Going to the store and searching for various groceries might be a painful process, especially in today’s busy world. It can be even harder when you need products that are certified Halal, especially in Japan! 

With FamiMus Halal Shop, our purpose is to make the entire process very simple and easy!!!

By making purchase in our Halal shop you can enjoy shopping:

  1. Fresh Halal Meat and Halal Products;
  2. Various spices and sauces from different foreign Muslim countries;
  3. Authentic Japanese Halal food and meals;
  4. Daily-life groceries, checked and confirmed for Halal

With our Platform, You will find various type of Healthy and Fresh Halal foods without any hassles. We will do our best to make sure You will enjoy Your Best product – with Halal and Japanese Healthy Taste!!!

If you have any difficulty while experiencing shopping with us, please contact FamiMus support team. Feedback from you will be a valuable asset for FamiMus to continuously improve and conquer the absolute satisfaction of customers.

The trust and support from customers will be our greatest reward. We hope to receive your help and kind cooperation, as we care about your Halal eating and living!

Jazakallahu Khayran!!

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